News: New Legend of Zelda Title Announced

The wait is finally over and we have some details, including a title, for Nintendo's upcoming Legend of Zelda release.  At E3 Nintendo announced that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be coming to the Wii U and the new console, currently called NX, in 2017.  The demo at E3 is reported to be huge, and supposedly only scratches the surface of the upcoming game, leading us to believe that this is going to be the largest Zelda game released.  You can jump over to the Nintendo Treehouse site to see videos from the game here,

Quite a few new features have already been announced, but the list may not be all we're going to see with the new release.  These include shrines of trials and runes, new weapons and combat mechanics, food and climate, and continued compatibility with amiibo figures through the Wii U controller.

The big question before the E3 announcement was whether the new game would even be released on the Wii U and what that would mean for amiibo collectors.  The announcement has confirmed that Breath of the Wild will be released on the Wii U and work with the amiibo, including the Wolf Link from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD.  The Wolf Link amiibo will allow players to summon Wolf Link once a day to help them in the game.  The companion will disappear when his hearts have been exhausted but you'll be able to summon him again the next day.

Videos have already been shared on social media showing what happens to Link in cold areas when he isn't dressed appropriately which is a new and very dynamic feature for the upcoming game.  Health will be effected by climate, which means wear a coat when it's cold, and dress down in the hotter areas.  There will also be risk of electrocution during storms if Link is sporting a lot of metal gear.  He'll also be able to keep his health up by eating uncooked food that you'll be able to forage, or hunt around the world.  This seems to be a replacement for previous games where players just discovered hearts lying around under rocks and bushes.  You'll also be able to cook food and combine ingredients to create other effects, which sounds reminiscent of food crafting in other popular RPGs and MMOs.

Combat looks to be incorporating some new features.  You'll be able to take weapons from enemies, as well as find them around the world, and the weapons will wear out with use.  Nothing yet on whether you can repair weapons or craft new ones.  You'll also be able to time your attacks and defense in a way to slow down time, giving you special moves and attacks in combat.

The last new features are the trial shrines and runes.  Players will be able to take Link through these puzzle challenges, gaining rewards and quest items you'll need along the way.  One of the rewards mentioned are runes, which have special abilities Link can use.  An example from the press release is the magnesis rune which allows Link to move metal objects.  Other runes mentioned are bomb runes and stasis runes.

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