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Update: July 2015

Well it was that month again, and Editor-in-Chief Maiyannah Lysander gives us the run down of E3 and the other happenings of the past month.

Update: June 2015

Editor-in-Chief Maiyannah Lysander gives us the run down of the happenings of the past month in regards to Highland Arrow, as well as future plans going forward into June and beyond.  Also catch up on the reviews of the past month, as well as disclosures, and corrections.

Update: April 2015

Editor-in-Chief Maiyannah Lysander recounts the changes and events regarding Highland Arrow of the past month, and also plans going forward.  Additionally a compilation of reviews, corrections, and disclosures from the past month is included.

Meta: Recent Events and Changes

This is a very meta item, so if you're only looking for gaming news and reviews, well a little later we'll have a Shadowrun Returns review to read through and you're best served just waiting for that.  This news item relates to upcoming changes regarding to disclosure, format, and also some explanation of goings-ons, including touching a bit more on GamerGate (but only a little) and also our promotion of the Operation Supply Drop gaming charity.  If those developments interest you, well, read onward!

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