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November 2013

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February 2014

Maiyannah Lysander


Highland Arrow is an independent Canadian gaming publication with a focus on PC gaming that holds its self to a collective higher standard of video game journalism. We feel that gamers deserve better than much of what passes for video game news and review coverage online, and this is our effort to do just that. We strive to have thoughtful coverage for reviews, previews, and news, as free from industry influences on opinion as we can be, so that you, the gamer, can make informed decisions about what games you want to spend your time and money on. That is our creed, and what we hope to deliver.

Our content includes news articles, game reviews under three different labels, and the occasional preview, trailer, and other content released by publishers.


Highland Arrow was founded in November of 2013 and officially opened to the public on Feburary of 2014, aiming to be a more ethical and upstanding source for games criticism and opinions. In September of 2014 it rose to some popularity after Maiyannah Lysander's Smoke Signals article, which captured the public interest, and it continues to grow, with a variety of well-received reviews and opinion pieces.

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Highland Arrow
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4338 Innes Road, Suite #M085
K4A 3W3