At Highland Arrow we realise advertising on a gaming publication website is something that should be carefully managed to ensure that the relationships between publisher/developer/advertiser on the website and that with Highland Arrow is clearly defined and everything is done above the table.  As such, this policy outlines the regulations we have about advertising on the website.  If you are interested in advertising on Highland Arrow, please contact our PR department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1. Review Code

See the Review Policy for information on our stance about Review Code or Review Copies of games.

2. Placement of Advertisements

Highland Arrow at its sole discretion will determine placement of advertisements on the site.  Any advertisement code which attempts to circumvent our placement of ads on the site will be removed and the advertiser will not be compensated.

3. Tracking Code

Tracking code cannot be used to track anything more than hits and visitors (unique page views) unless the advertiser reaches a specific agreement with Highland Arrow.  At all times must tracking code follow our Privacy Policy.  Advertisements which are found to contravene our privacy policy will be removed and the advertiser will not be compensated.

4. Subject of Advertisements

Advertisements should be of products that are relevant to our reader base.  Highland Arrow reserves the right to vet submissions based on the subject of the advertisement.  Under no circumstances will online gambling or adult website ads be accepted.  Ads found to have circumvented this restriction will be removed and the advertiser will not be compensated.

5. Compensation for Advertisements

Advertisers must provide compensation for the advertisement space provided.  At least 50% of this compensation must be provided prior to publishing of the ad, unless a seperate agreement is made with Highland Arrow.  If compensation is not received in a timely fashion, the ad will be removed and the advertiser will abdicate any claim to a return of what compensation has already be received.  All compensation must be made in Canadian Dollars (CAD), US Dollars (USD), or Great Britain Pounds (GBP).  Alternative agreements such as link-sharing programs or advertising in return for considerations such as but not limited to review copies, merchandise, or other such goods or services will not be accepted.

6. Conflict of Interest

We will not accept advertisement agreements or other monies in return for a review, preview, or other feature content.  We will not accept an advertisement agreement which would place a competitor's ad exclusively on another company's review, preview, or other feature content.  We will not accept advertisement agreements with companies in which we have an monetary interest such as shares.

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