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Review: Guild Wars 2

Recommended: Guild Wars 2 is a massive game with an incredible amount of things to do. The graphics are gorgeous, and much of the score creates an epic quality to adventuring in the world. Tyria has a vast lore, and the writers incorporated it well into the game. It's fun to play in long stints, but also in short bits when time is limited. It's easily a game you could put down for awhile, and come back to without feeling like you have to keep up.

Review: Ladykiller in a Bind

Not Recommended: Ladykiller's story is long bouts of tedium broken up by decent, sometimes very good, encounters. The ending doesn't pay off the time spent slogging through the screens, and the illusion of choice doesn't hold up. While the set pieces have fantastic art design and execution, the character art is mediocre. The music is best replaced with something else in your headset. Finally, if all of that wasn't enough to deter you, the price is the kicker, Ladykiller is going for $29.99 for the short story. Characters are often lazy stereotypes, and the final plot reveal is ridiculous.

Review: Spell Casting - Meowgically Enhanced Edition

Recommended: I went back and forth with the final verdict on this one.  Honestly, Spellcasting is the most infuriating game I can remember playing.  It's really not my cup of tea and it's definitely something I wouldn't play again.  However, part of the point of our reviews is to consider the target audience.  If you enjoy mobile-style puzzle games and games of memory I think you'll like this.  I think you'll enjoy the art, the challenge, and the design of it.  I think this would be fun for kids and adults that like these types of games, and absolutely should be played on a device with a touchscreen and stylus in my opinion.  It's priced well for this type of game so the short play-time isn't out of line.  If you like these kinds of games, give this one a try, I think you'll enjoy it.

Review: Sunless Sea

Neutral: Sunless Sea finds itself caught between exploration and exposition without knowing which it wants to side with, and ends up somewheres in the middle - and in mediocrity.  The writing is definitely the appeal, but the game makes progressing through things so arduous and slow that by the time you've gotten to the next point I was bored stiff.  Pacing, ultimately, is what undoes Sunless Sea for me, as well as a lack of any real threat in most of the enemies.  The different scenarios and arcs you can discover are fairly interesting by the by, ranging from average to excellent in writing, but there isn't many of them and they're not good enough peaks to make up for the chasms that are the valleys.  The writing is what will make or break Sunless Sea for most, so if it appeals, go for it, if not, take a pass.

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