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Nostalgia Train Review: Xenogears

Recommended: It's clear that Takahashi planned some great things for this series back then, that never came to fruition. Nevertheless, Xenogears is an epic sci-fi saga that will delight any fans of stories that are just a little bit more intelligent than those posed by games these days. Despite its age, the game holds up surprisingly well, and will be a welcome addition for anyone who isn't easily offended by alternate religious beliefs.

Review: Dark Souls 3

Recommended: Dark Souls 3 doesn't really bring much of anything new to the playing field. Many areas feel too familiar, while some have heavily re-used assets and gameplay elements from previous games. it leaves the entire exercise feeling a bit egregious, relying a bit too much on nostalgia and leaving the game feeling slightly empty, without an identity to call it's own. It's just more "Souls". It's not a bad thing, but at this point it feels a bit old-hat. Despite the fact that you can pretty much see everything the game has to offer in one play-through, it's still an entertaining romp.

Nostalgia Train: Final Fantasy I

Recommended:  Overall, the story, the game itself, and the art of Final Fantasy I are great for their time.  Of course it doesn't hold up to a lot of modern RPGs, but there are a few that it still puts to shame, even some recent ones.  I would say pick it up and play it if you haven't, and even if you have, give it a run through again, you might be surprised after years of RPGs that have followed since its release.  I had a lot of fun playing it, probably more fun than I expected when jumping into an old game.  I was afraid all the nostalgia would wash away as my adult eyes took in what my mind recalled as one of my favorite childhood games.  I can say with certainty, it is still one of the best RPGs I've ever played, and holds a special place in my gaming history, even now.

Review: Nier

Recommended: Nier rewards those who aren't just willing to take everything at face value. It requires investment in the world, the people and the lore. Subsequent play-throughs are required to get the whole story and those going for the true ending should keep a spare endgame save on a completely separate flash drive before attempting the final ending. You'll thank me later.

Review: Daylight

Recommended: The occasional gameplay issue doesn't mire what is ultimately a well-pieced-together story, with slightly predictable outcomes that are still enjoyable to see. The game is short and creepy and will satisfy someone not willing to put in the time for a similar longer title, like say Alien: Isolation.

Review: Never Alone

Neutral: Never Alone is a something of a missed opportunity more than anything, with simple mechanics and uninspired design.  The game requires a lot of trial and error, with frustrating pointless death and truth be told there are far better games out there in this vein. Unless it's on sale or you find the culture fascinating, your money would be better spent on Abe's Odyssey New 'N' Tasty.

Review: Bayonetta

Recommended: The story is daunting at first, but Bayonetta offers a brilliant and varied spectacle fighter.  The depth of combat options and great flourishes in art design have a lot to offer, as does how the protagonist absolutely exudes character.  It can be a bit difficult, relies on some pretty bullshit QTEs in part, and has some rough edges, but it is nonetheless a quite fun game.

Review: Shadows of the Damned

Recommended: Shadows of the Damned is a game that may turn people off of it, with it's incredibly violent, incredibly loud and incredibly unorthodox style, there are some people who won't be a fan. There's plenty of innuendo that isn't subtle in the slightest, while the dialogue is rude, crude and at times slightly grating in it's masterfully incompetent execution. There is a fair bit of nudity and insane amounts of gore as you watch Paula die consistently. While it is a stylistic choice, rude and obnoxious is still rude and obnoxious. The gameplay is for the most part, pretty damn solid, with minor issues regarding aiming cropping up here and there. While not everyone is going to enjoy this title, I certainly had a tonne of fun with it.

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