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Highland Arrow is an independent Canada-based games publication founded in October of 2013 with a focus on PC gaming that holds its self to a collective higher standard of game journalism. We feel that gamers deserve better than much of what passes for video game news and review coverage online, and this is our effort to do just that. We strive to have thoughtful coverage for reviews, previews, and news, as free from industry influences on opinion as we can be, so that you, the gamer, can make informed decisions about what games you want to spend your time and money on. That is our creed, and what we hope to deliver.

We strive to bring you new coverage to the best of our ability, but we wouldn't be able to do this without you, and there's a variety of ways you can help support Highland Arrow, if you choose to. Here's some ways that you can help us if you want to!

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The main way the site continues is through subscriptions from a variety of our esteemed readers.  You can pay one off for a period, or regularly on a monthly basis, through Patreon or directly through PayPal, which helps pay for site costs and our writers. 

What we use Subscription revenues is something we try to be transparent about, and you can read what the costs we cover with this money are, or go forth and subscribe today, on our Subscriptions page.


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Highland Arrow, in cooperation with Spreadshirt, also has an official merchandise, where you can buy shirts, mousepads, phone cases, and more, with official Highland Arrow art on them.  They're pretty cool, if you ask us, and it's a great way to get the word out about the site when you're out and about!

We're adding new items all the time, so check out our Store page for details.

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