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Early Access Review: Starsector

Written by Maiyannah Bishop and published on May 23, 2022.

Recommended:  Starsector is deep and expansive sandbox which offers both a variety of things to do, and a great amount of customisation in how you do it. Moreover, it offers enough engaging depth and story beats to those whom want them that it doesn't want for a feeling of direction, which is a classic problem endemic of such sandbox games. Whether you want the woosh-bang-kapow funtimes of vaporizing enemies in space, a Masters of Orion-ish colonization sim, or just playing space trucker, it's all here - if you can plod past a poorly-constructed tutorial.

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Early Access Review: Valheim

Written by Maiyannah Bishop and published on May 25, 2021.

Neutral:  Valheim is a game that feels like it's at the threshold of being something truly good - but its lingering in said, held back by rough tutorializing and the general need for an additional pass over most everything in some form or another. This is one I would either get on a sale now, if you're not wanting to wait, or to put on the wishlist for if and when it releases, provided the even out all the wrinkles in the design and production.

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Preview: Naked Doom

Written by Trever Bierschbach and published on Aug 6, 2016.

Trever Bierschbach takes a look at Naked Doom, a Tunnels & Trolls digital adventure debuted at Gencon.  Naked Doom is a new effort by the venerage tabletop series to branch out into adventure games on the PC and other platforms.

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Preview: RimWorld

Written by Maiyannah Bishop and published on Oct 6, 2014.

Maiyannah takes an early look at RimWorld, a game recently Greenlit on Steam but not yet available thereupon, and which could best be described as what happened if you marooned Prison Architect and DwarfFortress together on an isolated world alone and they had a lovechild they had to sustain on exploding rats and bits of twigs.  It's a bit rough around the edges in terms of presentation, but it's also a deep simulation that is well-designed and strangely absorbing.

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Preview: The Consuming Shadow

Written by Maiyannah Bishop and published on Mar 3, 2014.

The Consuming Shadow is a horror adventure game by popular games critic and book writer Ben "Yahtzee" Crowshaw.  It has some heavy emphasis on a particular FTL-ish roguelike system, emphasizing travelling between different locations, collecting resources, and preparing yourself for that last final battle with the big bad - if you even get that far.  Usually you won't.

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