Shallow gameplay mechanics don't keep this game from doing exactly what it set out to be, and being quite funny.
Date published: Feb 15, 2014
2 / 3 stars

Editor's Note: Maiyannah's copy of Jazzpunk was provided free of charge as a gift by a reader.

Jazzpunk. There almost isn't a point in reviewing this title with all the hype it's received lately, so I'll be briefer than my normal reviews here. Jazzpunk has a very unique aesthetic and an almost anarchic sense of humour. It's these that the game hinges upon, so if either falls flat for you watching the gameplay trailers or the reviews, then I wouldn't pick up this game, as the actual gameplay while lightly enjoyable is about as shallow as a tea tray. For me personally, it was a short but fun ride that had me genuinely laughing at a few points. While a few of the jokes fell flat for me, some of them were quite funny. The production values are certainly high and the voice acting - including a spot by Jim Sterling - were actually quite well done, which certainly helps with some of the jokes. So if the humour appeals, then you'll definetely find an enjoyable purchase in the game and I would highly recommend it.