While it suffers from having been developed in Flash, No Time to Explain is a great and funny platformer.
No Time to Explain
Date published: Jan 13, 2014
2 / 3 stars

Editor's Note: Maiyannah's copy of No Time to Explain was provided free of charge as gift from a reader.

No Time To Explain is a platformer by Tiny Build Games, a developer essentially that got their start with this title in NewGrounds. The game has a strong visual element and enjoyable music. The game is based around chasing after a guy that is supposed to be you from the future before they get kidnapped without any time to explain their presence, hence the title. The gameplay is almost entirely platforming, though it does introduce a series of different weapons which introduce different physics puzzles. The mechanics are really simple, however given the game is in flash, the game can tank even on a good computer on highest detail setting, and this in turn makes the physics pretty janky since the engine appears to be framerate based. If you can get over this tweakyness, you'll find a short but enjoyable game absolutely cram-packed with humorous voice acting and amusing references. Right now it is 9.99 USD$ on Steam in the Canadian market. I would strain to say there's enough content to warrant that price, but when it goes on Steam sale it's certainly one to pick up.